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These paintings have been sold, but I hope you enjoy looking at them.  I'm happy to make similar paintings for you.

Please email me at 


191009 bowmans 16x16
191009 s&s bowmans2 8x24
191005 bowmans folly 14x14
190903 Taking the Back Road Home 14x14
190903A When the Deep Purple Calls 14x14
190716 lilies2 6x12
190716 lilies1 6x12
190703 this flat land 14x14
190611 fields of gold 10x10
190624 gentle on my mind 24x30
190607 Crowded Heart 18x36
190429 parramore 14x14
190424 texas stream 16x16
190417 up around the bend 16x16
190411 morning on the shore 30x30
190708 sues sky 6x12
190705 dee dees ills 6x12
190619A candy sky 14x14
190627 light through the pines 16
190703 this flat land 14x14
190611 fields of gold 10x10
190612 house on a hill
190422B Deep Creek again 16x16
190101 Burnished Fall 14x14 smaller
181225 moonrise 16x16 smaller
190111 loves the only house 12x12
190111 Time Stands Still 20x20
190424 texas stream 16x16
ZM180608 early morning melody 16x16
ZM 180530 house by
ZM 180520 nothi
ZM 180519 one
180407 reeds 16x16 cold wax
P171213 farm field at sunset
170720 catch the wind 18x18
170303 oxoboxo morning 16x16
170406 dreamland 36x36
sale ohio afternoon 12x24
B 161027 last painting nebraska 10x10
10-24 montana autumn stream 18x36
B 161022 big hole 10x10
161108 manhattan MT 30x30
B 161025 manhattan, MT 10x10
B 161021 ner three forks 10x10
B 161020 outside joliet
161025 manhattan MT 30x30
Z180110 mornings glory 12x36
10-23 painting plymouth notch
10-23 painting 15 winter harbor
painting X near Rutland
13 minot 10-15
12 East Waterboro. 10-13jpg
10-27 painting XX egg hill church
10-24 painting X porter PA
10-24 painting XX  woodford VT
6 goodwins mills 10-12
5 waterboro 10-11jpg
31. 160516 Blue Canada 16x16
49. 160729 the clearing 18x18
40. 160708 farm sunset 20x20
44. 160720 End of my pirate days small 36x48
41. 160723 New London lighthouse 18x36
18. 160330 azaleas 16x16
24. 160422 gray day at wildwood 16x16
29. 160427 always on my mind 16x16
30. Z15. 160409 higher ground 36x36
34. 160620 Missouri Side Road 10x10
46. 160722 mystic sunset 18x36
20 160318 daffs 16x16
13. 160317 long way to go 36x36
1. 160105 Ohio Farm After 12x24
W170901 iris garden
W 170901 bikes on atlantic
W 170901 xmas in wach
170724 Friday on Fairmount 18x18
170720 catch the wind 18x18
15.150214 snow in the shadows 10x10 copy
170303 oxoboxo morning 16x16
170321 shining path 16x20
170217 arivaca dawn 20x20
Blue Canada
The Clearing
Farm Sunset
The End of My Pirate Days
New London Lighthouse
Mystic Sunset
Missouri Farm
Gray Day at Wildwood
Always on My Mind
Higher Ground
Missouri Side Road
Tetons Homestead
Long Way to Go
Tennessee Mountain Home
Ohio Farm Afternoon
Accomack Afternoon
Casting Session
Hard Times
Back to Tumacacori
Small Fall
Red Dirt Farm
Chaim's Last House
2. farm on a ridge 24x24
170617 blue evening 24x40
151008 Toms Barns 30x30
1. chaims first house
150910 route 13 barns 20x20
Tennessee Farm
Candy's Sky
Burton's Shore
The Long View
Gray Iowa Barn
Lonely Lola
96.150617 grassy field 10x10
Autumn, Eastern Shore
Border House
Eagle Nest
First Snow
Kendrick Park
Mount Pleasant Morning
Sunny Valley
Where He Loves to Fish
Black Dirt Afternoon
Beckley Furnace
121103 friday sunrise
130512 salt marsh 10x10
120808 salt marsh tuesday morning
120903 salt marsh afternoon small
120910B salt marsh sunset
121002 sunrise, tuesday
121017B tuesday morning dawn
121026 Foggy Morning Wachapreague
121031 storm before the storm II
120426A springtime on the salt marsh1
120404B salt marsh mosaic
140924A first day of fall 10x10
140731B blue shadows 48x48
140905 sun circle 2 20x20
140717 house with a blue door 30x30
140717A lighthouse inn 10x10
140725A along the marsh
this bright morning
Storm on the salt marsh
hillside farm
delmarva farm
at the edge
H Joshua Tree 18x18
H Afternoon in Patagonia 20x20
131106 A Day without Lou Reed 20x20
130328 B Ganado copy 3
140330GH storm over amado 30x30
140618 Wittersley Road 10x10
140507 Home Before the Storm 30x40
150205 elephant head 10x10
150512 barn on a hill gold sun 24x24
150512 williamsburg morning 24x48
69.150426 a small piece of land 16x16
150202 san xavier 10x10
150201 mountains and mesquite 10x10
150129 celebration 10x10 copy
130326 sedona 18x18 copy 2
130421 wach marsh
130327 B sedona copy 2
130327 C sedona copy 2
130327 D sedona copy
130328 A meteor crater AZ copy 2
130420 VA Farm 2
130326 12 sedona copy 2
130418 D Gulf Shores II copy
130325 AZ sycamore copy 2
130417 Texas Sunset 10x10 copy
130409 B saguaro  copy
130316 no copy 2
130318 las cruces mountains copy 2
130319B no copy 2
130414B daffodill field copy
130320 10 dawn tubac copy 2
130315 no 7 outside new iberia copy 2
130329 Outside Santa Fe copy
130314 6 near Loxley LA copy 2
130328 C albuquerque storm copy
130313 no copy 2
130313 beach houses copy 2
141210 ocracoke dunes 18x24
130309 1 rough seas nags head copy 3
130310 2 Dunn NC copy 2
130311 3A pines palms  copy 2
130312 4 outside marianna copy 2
150506 kinney azalea path 12x48
150507 underground carrots 2
68.150422 hillside barn 20x20
140213A2 madera canyon 10x10 in sun copy 2
140305C Rio Grande 10x10 copy
140328C navajo sky
140303 near salt river 10x10 copy
140305 taos road house 10x10 copy
canyonlands retouched
monument valley morning
140328C sonoita 10x10
140305A Abiquiui river 16x16 copy
140219 grand canyon 1 copy
140304 outside gallup 10x20 copy
140121 high road near patagonia 10x10 copy
140118 st james church 10x10 no 1 copy
140129B JT 20x20 copy
140223 sedona from afar 10x10 copy
140220B the combs 30x40 copy
140213A mountain morning 10x10 copy
140129A JT 10x10 copy
140215 windy day in sonoita 10x10 copy
140128 joshua tree A copy
140215 patagonia afternoon 20x20 copy
140216 rain valley ranch 10x10 copy 2
140122 sonoita grasslands 30x30 copy
140213A madera canyon 10x10 copy
140127 pacific waves 6x12 copy
140222A grand canyon morning copy
1403XX sonoita hill house 10x10
140118B Mountains near animas NM 10x20 copy
140125 indio hills copy
140222A grand canyon morning copy
140213A2 madera canyon 10x10 in sun copy
140218 red ledges 6x12 copy
140222 tusayan field B 6x12 copy
67.150421 evening farm 16x16
62. 150417 salt marsh morning 10x10
61. 150412 thursday morning marsh 10x10
60. 150417 salt marsh morning 5x5
59. 150412 thurs morning marsh 5x5
130327 D sedona copy 2
santa ritas rick
58.150412 fiery sunset 30x30
64.150421 white trees
65. 150421 dogwood A 10x10
66. 150421 dogwood 2 10x10
39.150321 eagle nest 10x10
37.150321 abiqui on black 10x10
150316 pulaski farm 20x20
30.150224 route 66 10x10
29.150224 new mexico snow 10x10
28.150219 light and shadows 10x10
22.150217B morning rocks 10x10
23.150215 window rock 10x10
24.150217blue mesa 16x16
cathedral rocks 30x40
25.150215 shack on the hill 10x10
26.21150217 hogan 10x10
27.150219 thursday fort defiance 10x10
20.150217A morning rocks 10x10
19.150219 off navajo road 24x24
18.150216 painted desert 10x10
17.150215 outside steamboat
16.150218 sunset rocks 24x48
15.150214 snow in the shadows 10x10
14.150214window rock 30x30
150211 barrios 16x16
150213 barrios tubac 16x16
150213 outside ft def1 10x10


Bright Bouquet
Abstract Floral
Dancing Sunflowers
Gardenia Morning
Early Morning Gardenias
Zinnia Bouquet
Zinnia Morning
From Trisha's Garden
Little Bit of Sunshine
Remembering Utah
Lilac Dreams
190225B spring bouquet
190224 red flowers 3 vases 6x6
190224 poppies in red vase 6x6
190213 brown eyed susans 14x14
190101 new year sunflowers 30x30 smaller
180608 iris morning 10x30_edited
Bright Bouquet
Gulf Coast Highway
Back Home Again
Reflecting Light
Sweet Amarillo
Flower Power
Iris Garden
Handful of Sunshine
Pink on Pink
I Knew Love
California Dreaming
Uncloudy Day
Keeper for Every Flame
Big Sunflowers
Tall Sunflowers
Back Room Blooms
Canton Sunflower Farm
April Sunflowers
Mosaic Sunflower
Not So Sunny Sunflowers
Early Sunflowers
Summer Sunflowers
Wavy Sunflowers
Yellow Sunflowers
Sunflowers No. 1
Tuscan Summer



190429 Peter Paul and Mary and Eileen 40
180706 tyler 18x36
170429 coreys cows
170628 woodrow 12x48
170512 Babe 12x48
161227 Robert 10x10
161221 rex 12x48
170510 four cows 36x48
161227 Robert 10x10
Golden Field
Florence and Mary
Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum
Lucy and Ricky
Ben and Jerry
peter paul and mary
eenie, meenie, mynie
Top of the World
rusty refrigerator
Take Me to the River
John, Paul, George and Ringo
Here's Looking at You
African Cattle
Big Cows
Texas Boy
Oklahoma Cowscape
Home Before the Storm
Longhorn No. 1
Friends, Cow and Chicken


Cedar View Bathing Beauty
The Tomato Pickers
Love the New Countertop!
Two Riders
The Red Bandana
The Handoff
Heading Out
Looking Back
Pony Express Rider
cutting in
140617B Through the River black 24x36
140110 down from the hills 20x20
131224 cowboy up 6x6
140110 zapp cutting in 30x30
140114 D Cowboy Up 30x30


The Road Home
Light in August
One Fine Day
Morning's Glory
Morning's Glory I
Gulf Coast Highway
Back Home Again
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