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Land of Enchantment Painting Trip

Later this month, I will head to Tubac, AZ, to celebrate my father's 95th birthday. On the way home, I plan to go to New Mexico to paint, and I am inviting you to come along! 

For $350, you will get an 11x14 oil painting, and regular travel blog, detailing my adventures, showing you my paintings, and sharing interesting sights and people I find along the way. 


I will make some larger paintings - think 18x24 or some long, narrow combination - for $550 each.  I'm limiting this price level to three paintings - I'll certainly make more than three, but can't guarantee how many more. 

It's very likely that I will make some smaller paintings, that I will put up for sale on Facebook, and possibly on my website.


The way these trips work (this is my ninth!) is that the first person who signs up gets first choice of all the paintings in their payment group, the second to sign up gets the choice of all those paintings minus one, etc. 

So if you are the fourth one to sign up for the $350 painting, you get a choice of all the paintings minus the ones that the first, second and third to sign up chose 


To sponsor my trip, please click the button below, which will bring you to PayPal, where you can use a credit card or your PayPal account to sign up. 


I'm excited about this trip and hope you are, too! 

To see one of my painting-trip blogs, please click here - this will take you to the final post of the North to Newfoundland blog. You can scroll from there to find postings from the whole trip. 


Sponsorship Options:

The below will transfer you to PayPal for Carrie. Once on the page, select Send, open your personal PayPal account and type in your preferred option - $350 or $550. Once Carrie receives the transmission, you are in and she will know which option you selected!

Tubac, Arizona trip
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