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Help me pick a postcard!

It's time for a new postcard, with new images, to give out at the shows, to mail to people, and to give to you to send or give to your friends.

I'm hoping you all will help me choose the image or images that would work best.

Here are images that have delighted me from the past year or so:


Two Friends

Marsh, Early October

After the Horse Camp

Horizontal Garden


Carolina Wren

Bayview Dawn


I can't figure out how to put captions in the gallery, so I have put the titles of the paintings in the grid just above. The position of the title corresponds with the position of the painting, so the top left corner is Nebraska, and the bottom right is Ribbons

Please let me know by next Sunday, Oct. 23, which three paintings are your favorite to represent my 2022 painting year. I might use one, or two or all three!

You can put your choice in the comment area below, or email me at

Thank you!

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