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Support Your Favorite Artist

Throughout history, people and institutions have acted as patrons to artists they love, artists they would like to see continue to make art. 


My patronage program offers you the chance to help ensure that I can continue painting, in this time of corona virus, canceled shows and an insecure future. 

I started painting in 2006, when I was 50. 
Five years later, at my husband's suggestion, I left my journalism career to earn our family's living by painting full-time.


It's the best decision I ever made. It's scary to leave a steady paycheck and a known world, but in trade for security, I'm finding a life full of light and color and life and love, creativity and discovery, and time with family and friends, new and old.

Painting helped me cope with deep losses, including the death of my mother and, in 2019, the sudden death of my husband. Painting helped me heal. It brought me faith, new energy, and introduced me into a community I'd never know existed. One that includes you!

You've helped and supported me all along, and now, I'm asking for your help to continue to grow as a painter.


Instead of the exhausting and expensive shows that I've done in past summers, I want to create online and on-the-ground events that are tailored to you, my supporters and collectors.


I will use my time away from shows to develop as a painter, to explore, to work on commissions and projects, and to build a gallery here at our home in Wachapreague.


Your patronage helps make that happen. Even the lowest level is a huge help to me in planning and using my time.


When you become a patron, you will receive my newsletter before everyone else, so you will get first dibs on my newest paintings.


Your receive a discount on your purchases, if you want one (some of my patrons refuse to accept discounts). Shipping or delivery will be is on me. 


I try to send you one or two small gifts each year, too. But mostly, I send you love and appreciation, and you have the joy of knowing that you are helping your favorite artist success. 





$100 / month


patronage levels

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