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Art Parties

If you have a cause you like to support, and if you'd like to help support me in my journey, an art party could be a great way for you to do both!  


Or, if you're hosting a party and would like some experiential entertainment, that's another idea! Get in touch and we will do some brainstorming.  

The cause idea would work somewhat like this - You sponsor me at a level we agree on - $500? $1000? $2000? You invite friends, and they buy a ticket or a table; this money goes to the charity or group you're supporting. 

When your guests arrive, my art will be displayed, with my regular prices showing. Your friends will get a 20 percent discount on any pieces larger than 10x10. You will get any piece you like, at a size we agree on, depending on the amount of your sponsorship. 

After welcomes are made and drinks poured, I'll paint for an hour or so, explaining my process and talking about my story. After a break for refreshments and conversation, we'll have an hour or so for a little more painting and a Q&A session.

We can have an auction of the painting I've made live at the event. And/or your friends, and the supporters of you project, can buy the paintings I've brought. I'll donate 10 percent of my total sales to your project. 

If you have ideas or questions, please call me at 860-442-0246. This is an experiment, and I'm open to changing, modifying, adding or subtracting ideas.








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