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Carrie Jacobson's love of art and dogs comes together in 101 Dogs. The project was born in sadness.


In September 2015, Jojo, the dog of Carrie’s heart, died, at age 12, of liver cancer. Two weeks later, Zoe, a dog Carrie and her husband had loved for 17 years, also died.


Out of her sadness and loss, Carrie launched 101 Dogs, a project in which she will paint 101 new portraits of dogs, then collect them in a book, poster and other fun items. A portion of all proceeds will go to help groups that rescue, shelter and train dogs. The project honors Jojo and Zoe, both of whom were shelter dogs.


A $375 sponsorship will receive original oil paintings of their pets, along with books, posters and a variety of items involving the portraits.


Carrie will donate a portion of each sponsorship to one of four dog-related groups: the Eastern Shore SPCA, North Shore Animal League, Good Dog Rez-Q, or Tri-State Canine Response. (Click here to find out more about these groups.)


Or, if you'd rather, you can choose to have Carrie donate merchandise money to the shelter or rescue groups of your choice.


Carrie and her husband Peter adopted three new pups after Jojo and Zoe died. The Jacobsons and their rollicking pack, six dogs all together, live in Wachapreague, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, in a small house with a small yard and a huge amount of love.

To start, click on the PayPal button to the left. That will allow you to pay via credit card or PayPal. I'll contact you and you'll send me a photo of your dog, and we will go from there. For more on the process, click here


Questions? Ideas? Want to send a check instead? Drop me an email at


To see more of Carrie's pet portraits, please click here.





Be A Sponsor


Yay! You're getting original art. A full sponsorship earns you:


  • a 12-inch-by-12-inch portrait of your dog

  • and a book, poster, calendar or thumb-drive slide show of all the painting, when the project is finished. 

Or, if you'd rather, Carrie will donate some or all of the merchandise money to the shelter of your choice.





This project is dedicated to  the memory of Jojo, above, and Zoe. We miss you.



A sponsorship makes a great gift!  

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