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Here are the groups I've chosen to receive donations. If there's a group you'd prefer to donate to, just let me know and I will be happy to do it. 


Eastern Shore SPCA


Here on the Eastern Shore, the SPCA chapter in Onley helps many, many animals find forever homes. This is a small shelter with a big job, and they do it well. There's not a lot of money on the Shore, so this group can really use our help. For more, click here:


Good Dog Rez-Q


When I visited the Navajo Reservation in 2015 to paint, I was moved to tears by the reservation dogs. They roam, scavenging and begging, clearly getting little or no veterinary care. Good Dog Rez-Q helps abandoned animals on the reservation and in the surrounding areas. It's a small operation with a huge mission, and could definitely use our help. For more, click here:



Best Friends


This is one of the country's largest adoption and rescue operations, for dogs, cats and all pets. Its mission is to "save them all," help create and foster an environment in which there are no unwanted pets. Its home is in Kanab, Utah, and it is an amazing and beloved institution. For more, click here:



Tri-State Canine Response


This group, located in Cherry Hill, NJ, provides certified and trained dog/handler teams for animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted crisis response teams. The dogs provide emotional support, aid and comfortto victims of disaster, catastrophe and violence. For more, click here:



To see some of the goodies that you'll receive, please click here. 


To read a little more about the process, please click here. 














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