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 Painting Trips

Since 2013, I've been making sponsored painting trips, and they've been wonderful for me and for my sponsors, too! 


Sponsors pay for paintings before the trip begins. During the trip, I send blog posts of my travels, with stories and photos from the road, and pictures of my paintings and the landscape.


When I get home, sponsors choose their paintings in the order in which they signed up. One sponsor told me it was the best vacation she'd never taken. 

This year, I'm going to do a painting trip to South Dakota, in search of sunflowers. Might find them, might not! Because of my uncertainty, and also because of what is predicted to be extreme heat, I'm promising only 10 paintings on the road, with more to follow when I get home - and who knows, perhaps more on the road. 

My patrons have reserved the first four paintings, so there are six left to claim. They are 8x8 and 6x12, and $100 each, plus shipping. 


For more information or to purchase your painting in advance, please email me at, or call me at 860-442-0246

Here are blogs, including paintings, from most of the trips I've taken. Can't seem to find the Farms and Foliage trip, which is too bad! If any of you stumble on it, please let me know. 


2013 -

2014 -

2015 -

2016 -

2017 - farms and foliage painting trip - seems to have vanished

2018 -


Origins Painting Trip, 2015

California Calling Painting Extravaganza, 2014

To Tubac and Back, 2013

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